Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Carter's Story

I am not a fan of using medicine on my children especially when they are so new to the world.  dōTERRA’s essential oils are SAFE for children and babies, even as young as newborns.

This is a picture of an ear infection my son, Carter, had when he was about a month and a half.  The yellow goop is not coming out of his ear.  I tried washing it with a wet, warm wash cloth but it didn't help.  His outer ear had the infection.  Yes, you can get an ear infection on the outside of the ear!  Who knew?

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to put dōTERRA’s Melaleuca essential oil on his ear every hour the rest of the day.  By the end of the day, I had applied it to his ear at least 5 times.  I was so excited when I woke up Monday MORNING; the skin on his ear was flaking off revealing healthy skin underneath.  I was able to wash it off and he was as good as new.  I was so surprised that the essential oil had worked so fast!

At his 2 month appointment I showed his doctor the pictures of his ear to find out what it was.  She confirmed that it was an ear infection but she couldn't figure out why it went away without antibiotics.  I told her that I put Melaleuca Essential Oil on it.  She didn't know what to say. 


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What you're missing by not having a video monitor!

Ok so I LOVE my baby monitor.  I was hesitant when Toby said he wanted a video monitor but I am so glad we got it.
 I am able to get to know Russell in a new way.  Like sometimes he likes to sleep on the floor.
 I would never have known how much he likes books.  His room is full of toys and he always chooses books.
 Because of the monitor I notices him sleeping by the door.
 This is my favorite.  When Toby helps Russell at night I can spy and fall in love with my boys
 Again with the books.  LOVE.
 He sleeps just like Toby.
He is a cuddler.  Even with the beach ball.
But also with Minnie (Mimmi is what he calls her.)
I have more but they are on Toby's phone so be prepared for part II.


Here are some pictures I though you might like of my favorite boy.
Our first drawing on the wall experience.  Notice the Vanna White pose.  He is saying tada.  I am so glad that I was able to remember this is a right of passage for a mom.  I then didn't get mad just made it a learning experience.  
He is getting hair.  FINALLY.
I LOVE that face.
He is praying with his scriptures.  Melts my heart.  Proof I am doing SOMETHING right.
Mr. Tough Guy.
This is how we keep him entertained at the midwife's house.
Time out can happen no matter where we are.  You have been warned.
Father like son.  LOVE this one.
Putting Granddad and dolly to bed.  Tucking them in.
Mr. Cool guy!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pinewood Derby

My calling in church is to work with the cub scouts.  I help with the Weblo's.  We had pinewood derby and I just spent the whole time chasing this little rugrat around.
So I didn't do anything for my calling but I was there and my kid didn't get in the way.  I see that as a success.
Russell had a great time playing with Ada (a neighbor friend).  They had so much fun!

Russell would yell "go car go"

Toby was out of town so this was a great distraction for both of us.
He loved watching those cars go down the track.

Russell and Ada roaring like bears.

No we didn't just have pinewood derby.  I am that behind.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day

We decided to give my dad his father's day gift the day before Mother's day.  It was a time sensitive thing and we just couldn't wait.  So here is dad about to put the food on the grill when Toby pulled up.
 I don't think he knew what to do.
 But I think he liked it.  What do you think?
 That is the smile that we are all looking for.
 My dad has needed this for YEARS.  His poor old mower was literally falling apart (the time sensitivity was that he was going to go try and get his old one fixed yet again).  He mows all 3 acres of his property.  So the whole family pitched in to get him THIS (Thanks mom for making this possible) :
 Russell wouldn't get off of it.
 Happy kids playing.
 Toby looking at the manual to see how to turn it on. HAHA these guys were so funny.
 First ride.
 Russell is not one to sit on the side lines now is he.
 He mowed a chunk of the pasture with his old mower just the day before and it took about 45 min.  He easily mowed doubled the amount of grass with his new one in 15 min.  And YES that grass is as tall at the tires if not more.
If you can't tell we got a thumbs up.  It's been almost a month since we got this for him and I think he has only NOT mowed one day.  I wonder if he is going to have withdrawals the week that we are in Cali.

We have been talking about getting my dad a new lawn mower for years and this year we finally did it.  And he won't be getting an other gift for a couple of year.  He is so spoiled.  But he is that best dad EVER and I feel so blessed that I get to have him as my pappy.  He is such a great example to my little family and I love the relationships he has with Toby and Russell.  Russell LOVES his Granddad and it is so special to me that we named Russell after my dad.  Their relationship is truly a special one and it has to do to a lot of time and love my dad gives him.

Happy Father's Day Dad.  We love you SO much.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Potty Training and other funny outfits

So I am determined to not have 2 kids in diapers at the same time.  So we have started the potty training process and with that comes hilarious wardrobe and lots of carpet cleaning.
 Yes underwear over this diaper.  He was so excited to have unders to stole them and put them on over his diaper.
 Helping Uncle Keith pack.
 With Utah crazy weather there have been a lot of cold days.  So I pulled out the leg warmers so the poor kid wouldn't freeze
 I hate how bright this one it but if you look close you can see the best smile EVER!!
 Love the hat. And I guess the frog leg warmers are his favorite.
 The neighbors might think we are a bit nuts but oh well!!  We probably are. Right?
 I think he belongs on a golf course in this outfit.
 We were having a really hard day and after a long time of fussing I convinced him to go to the park but he would not go without his hat and gloves.  I think this was the longest he has ever worn the hat and gloves with this winter being so mellow. Made for a great ice breaker with the other parents at the park.
This is an outfit Toby brought back from Hawaii.  I think it's really funny.  
This kid is really starting to become so independent.  It's crazy how fast that happened.  He has an opinion about almost everything.  I wonder where he got that from (Toby)!! But it is so fun to see what he likes and I LOVE to laugh at him (does that make me a bad mom?).  When he wears funny things to the park I think I laugh out loud the whole walk there.

Heritage Park

Toby's mom came out to watch his brother's 3 girls while they went to Mexico for a wedding.  But before they left we went to Heritage Park.
 They walked around like this almost all day.  It was so cute!!!
 Love this one.
 They had lots of fun stuff for us to do there.  Here is Russell beating a rug.
 Toby and Russell plowing the field.
 Playing around.
 They had a little pony ride.  Russell loved it.
We had a great day together just hanging out here.  It was a blast.  Can't wait for summer to officially start so we can do more fun stuff like this and so Russell can play with his cousins more too.